Commercial Cleaning Services

We’ve always understood that a clean, germ-free environment leads to a productive work place. Request a free estimate.

We are a 100% Licensed and Insured Company

We know the importance of being a licensed and insured company, to better serve you. We are responsible and professional in everything we do, always delivering you the best, taking responsibility for our services. Schedule a free estimate and be amazed by our services.

Make your work environment more productive

Do you want a modern and efficient office? Offering a clean office is essential or that to happen. Cleaning is important in order to make people have a positive perception of your business. From clients to employees, everyone feels more productive and happier when everything is organized.

What is the importance of commercial cleaning?

The focus of workplace maintenance and hygiene is to improve the quality of life for employees, reinforce values such as organization and trust, and make the daily routine more productive and enjoyable.

Who is commercial cleaning for?

For those who want more freedom and comfort

We're here to offer commercial cleaning services so you can provide a better experience for your clients and employees. We clean everything from windows to carpets, as we have the equipment needed to perform a deep cleaning. Contact us and request your free estimate.

For those who like to receive positive feedbacks

There's nothing better than to close a deal and to receive a positive feedback, right? Improve your work environment with our cleaning services.

For those who receive clients and guests

With C2C's cleaning services, you don't need to worry about your commercial cleaning. Your company will always be in a perfect, fresh state so you can receive your clients, employees and colleagues. Contact us right now and let us take care of everything.

Choose the best for you and your team

We guarantee that with our precious cleaning service, you’ll enjoy good results for your company.

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About us

I started to work alone in the cleaning area back in 2018 by offering my services to many big cleaning companies, so I could start my own.

Today, I offer to my clients exclusive quality services that are done in time, with a team of qualified professionals. We’re focused on the particularities and needs of each client just so their satisfaction can be guaranteed.

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