Deep Cleaning – We prevent viruses and infections from spreading

The systematic and deep cleaning of your environment is crucial to keep everything sanitized and fresh. Request your free estimate.

We are a 100% Licensed and Insured Company

We know the importance of being a licensed and insured company, to better serve you. We are responsible and professional in everything we do, always delivering you the best, taking responsibility for our services. Schedule a free estimate and be amazed by our services.

Personalized deep cleaning services

Our professionals perform personalized work according to your needs and preferences. Before starting the job, we try to understand what you’re looking for and which room needs the most attention. Every inch of the place is cleaned, degreased, sanitized, and delivered completely fresh. When you hire our services, you have our guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with the result.

Get rid of all the dirt and dust

If your life is busy and you haven’t been able to keep up a cleaning routine, chances are you’ll see many unsightly spots. That’s exactly why Classic 2 Cleaning is here! While you and your family enjoy some free time to relax, we do the deep cleaning to look after everyone’s health and well-being. If you’re tired of seeing the same old dirt marks or the greasy state of your oven, our professionals can make your house spotless. We want to make it clear: you can live a lighter life without the headaches of house cleaning. We’re here for that.

Here are some questions regarding our deep cleaning services:

How long does it take?

Deep cleaning usually takes a longer time than regular cleaning. It envolves many details, which requires more attention and time of our team.

When should I have it?

It's not always that you need a deep cleaning. It's a type of service that you have for something specific.

Does everything get really cleaned?

We clean, sanitize and disinfect all surfaces; it's the only way to get rid of germs that may make your family sick.

The deep cleaning that will clean everything that you need

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About us

I started to work alone in the cleaning area back in 2018 by offering my services to many big cleaning companies, so I could start my own.

Today, I offer to my clients exclusive quality services that are done in time, with a team of qualified professionals. We’re focused on the particularities and needs of each client just so their satisfaction can be guaranteed.

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